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Big Mac & She Beast

Spartenburg, SC


The Week In Conspiracy is a weekly radio program broadcasting live every Saturday night at 8PM Est.  We touch on relevant news of the week and discuss all the usual conspiracy shows and characters.  We try to have as much fun as possible and give the listener a chance to sound off with our notorious open line policy.  We DON'T cut you off like other shows!!  Call us 1800-803-4217

Hillbilly Radio Network

Open Lines Saturdays 7pm est: 1800-803-4217

Current Lineup:


                   8pm-9:30pm: TWIC LIVE Broadcast

                   9:30pm-?:  TWIC Aftershow - Open Lines



12am-2am  Round Table/Laura Lee

2am-4am AM Vets Today

4am-6am AM Critical Omission

6am-8am AM Fenton Perspective

8am-10am AM Twic Prior Week

10am-12pm AM TWIC

12pm-2pm PM Firing Lines

2pm-4pm PM TWIC

4pm-6pm PM Fenton Perspective

6pm-8pm PM TWIC

8pm-10pm PM TWIC

10pm-12am PM Critical Omission



Sunday            12am-12pm:  The Week In Conspiracy


Interested In Adding your Show?:

Head over to the "About Us" tab at the top of this page and send us a message.  We are always looking to add talent to the Hillbilly Radio Network!